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I think we can all agree that brushing your teeth is an imperative form of self-care, yes? So, if you go on vacation or camping for a few weeks you wouldn’t NOT bring your toothbrush, yes?

I think we can also agree that moving our bodies and making healthy food choices most of the time is ALSO a form of self-care. Yet many people go away whether it’s overseas, to the cottage or on a road-trip and completely abandon their healthy behaviours.

Sure, your self-care will LOOK different (and I hope it does!). You’re not going to NOT have pizza, pasta or gelato in Italy. You’re not going to NOT have bread, cheese and wine in France. You’re not going to NOT have a drive-thru meal on a road trip or roasted hot dogs and smores by the campfire at the lake. Structured workouts will be replaced with bodyweight circuits on the beach, campground or in your hotel room. Walking, hiking and exploring will replace traditional cardio sessions. You CAN participate in all things travel and vacay while still achieving BALANCE with your indulgences and healthy behaviors.

I created this book to show you that you can STILL have a wonderful holiday and NOT come back having packed on a bunch of weight. My Travel Fit Guide shows you alternative ways to stay on track with your goals, have fun and make memories in the process.

What's Included:
  • Most common travel mistakes people make
  • Tips for flying 
  • What to pack in your checked & carry-on luggage
  • Eating abroad
  • Hotel room staples
  • Road trip eats
  • Gas station grub
  • Macro-friendly drive-thru options (CAD & USA chains)
  • Tips for camping
  • Surviving all-inclusive resorts & cruises
  • My signature bodyweight workout I do while travelling

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You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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