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It's a Sweet Life (Coffeeshop Coven Prequel)

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It's a Sweet Life (Coffeeshop Coven Prequel)

This time, vengeance ISN'T sweet.

Libbie Addams has a mortgage on her struggling bakery, no love life, no health insurance…and fibromyalgia. She’s worried about making ends meet when two hunky guys rent her vacant upstairs apartment, which greatly helps. Not only do cousins Ken and Charles make Libbie’s money worries disappear, they offer to help her in the bakery.They also make her panties damp. Too bad they’re gay, but they’re great eye candy.

The men have a secret: they’re not gay cousins—they’re twin brothers marked for death by a vengeful mob boss they’re trying to put behind bars. Charles is Allan Donohue, a prosecutor. Benjamin Donohue is the undercover detective who broke the case wide open.

They hope their ruse can keep them all safe, because now they’ve fallen in love with the delicious baker. But when vengeance comes calling, will they get to enjoy their sweet life together?

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