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crochet knitting
Carrie Skor

Ravelry Alternative: Crafting New Opportunities

Here are the best alternatives for 2023: Payhip, Etsy, Lovecraft, and more. For years Ravelry has been THE place for knitters and crocheters to connect and buy. It is a unique combination of an online notebook, pattern database, social media, and pattern marketplace. Many independent knit and crochet designers have built their businesses with Ravelry as their …

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sell recipes
Abs @ Payhip

How to Sell Recipes Online: An in-depth guide

Thinking about selling your recipe? Our guide covers how to sell recipes online and to companies, including: How to Create Recipes to Sell: Step-by-step Guide How to Create Meal Plans to Sell: Step-by-step Guide How to Sell Your Recipes and Meal Plans Online Choose your publishing format Create an online store Promote your recipes How …

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sell ebooks on your own website
Abs @ Payhip

How to Sell Ebooks on Your Own Website

It’s not a huge surprise that eBooks are becoming more popular than traditional paper books. They’re cheaper to buy and convenient to carry around since you can download them on your phone. This contributes a lot to their popularity among readers. Writers like eBooks because the market allows them to bypass agents and publishing houses …

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How to Make and Sell Printables Online

You may have come across the term printables online without giving it a second thought. But did you know it’s a booming market that you can earn a nice passive income from? In this guide on how to sell printables, we’ll cover… What exactly printables are Why you should consider selling them Which tools you …

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