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Abs Farah

Shopping Cart, Email Updates and Webhooks

We’re really excited to announce a few terrific features that we’ve been working really hard on for the past couple of weeks! Here they are:

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart has been frequently requested and we’re glad to finally have it available. Buyers can simply add multiple items to their cart and purchase as normal. No settings required, this will just work as of today.

Email Updates

You now have the ability to send email updates to previous buyers of your ebooks or digital products. You can send an update to all your buyers or those that bought a specific item.

You can use email updates to deliver news about your new ebook, inform your buyers about a new version or promote special offers that you might have. No integration and no third-party tools required to make use of this feature. There is more information about email updates on our support section.

Direct Purchases

You now have the ability to construct URLs that allow buyers to go directly to Paypal or Stripe, skipping intermediary Payhip pages. This is perfect if you have your own ebook sales page and want your customers to go directly to purchase.

Please note, for those buyers in the EU, we will still need to get their address, so for those customers we take them to a final checkout page where they can enter their address for VAT purposes.

You can find out more on how to construct direct URLs here.


Developers rejoice! You now have the ability to accept a JSON payload to any URL you provide. This feature is mainly for the techies out there!

You can use webooks to add buyers to your favorite email service provider as a subscriber or you can use it to add members to your own member system.

There is more information on Webhooks here in our support section.



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