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Your Complete Guide to Fibromyalgia In Children


Us vs Fibromyalgia Bundle

My Best Advice for Chronic Pain & Fatigue (after 20 years)


Daily Healthy Habits for Chronic Pain & Fatigue


Hey there!

I'm Melissa, I'm in the middle of a busy life with chronic illness. Reforming and recovering push-through modeler turned self-care modeler. I passionately believe in self-care that fits into our life and goals. I'm just trying to be as well as possible with multiple chronic illnesses including ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.

Grab my free five minutes a day yoga for chronic pain and fatigue gentle challenge.

I'm an author, advocate, yoga and meditation teacher and mama to four beautifully energic boys.

This is shop is designed to give you resources to support you in your journey and any contributions or payments received to go toward helping this chronically ill mama keep creating these resources (and running the online education and advocacy).