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How different this quilt looks when made up in sea greens with a punch of yellow! Who says the pattern designer is the expert on what you like? Experiment and make your quilt your own.

Mini Double-Pocket Bag

Need a small zipped bag to tuck in your purse for makeup? Or for sewing projects while waiting at the doctor's office? This popular pattern has two zippered pockets and space for your sewing.

New York Beauties

Not one, but FOUR New York Beauties for you. While I create patterns for you to make quilts, occasionally you just need a small make. Enjoy this one on me! Download all four.

OPQuilt Pattern Collection

Pattern Lite: a sketch of a quilt, blocks

Regular: blocks, patterns, borders: everything to make a quilt.

Mini Quilts: Try an idea -- fast and fun!

Newest Work: Beacon

I've been working this for a while, and while it is not yet ready for full release, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.

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About Me

Elizabeth Eastmond, of, is an award-winning quilter and pattern designer. She creates patterns that use color in bold strokes, since she lives in sunny California, and uses all types of traditional piecing, applique, and English Paper Piecing to make her quilts. She hopes you enjoy her patterns!