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Sunday Night Stress Release Live Class - October 2022

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You can enjoy listening along this deep relaxation session from our live class in October 2022. This focusses on your breath to deeply relax and connecting to the body's sensations of relaxation. For many people, this relaxation will help you focus the mind,, but it's focussing to the point of actually not noticing much at all! And that's when the mind and body really relaxes!

It's also it's a fantastic session for those who tend to shallow breathe from their chest and are looking to releave tension from the muscles of the body, and excellent for those who find their mind and thoughts become easily distracted - because it will continually guide you back into relaxation all through the journey. 

As always, never listen to this or any relaxation track whilst driving or operating machinery, and only when you are somewhere safe, warm and unlikely to be disturbed. You can enjoy this seated or lying down, but always make sure you are warm enough as the body has a tendency to cool when relaxing.

I really hope you enjoy it, 
Love & Light Jennifer x
You will get a MP3 (40MB) file