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Sunday Night Stress Release Live Class - March 2023

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You can enjoy listening along to our mindful relaxation from March 2023, which helps you deeply relax your mind, body and soul to feel more clear headed and capable for whatever life brings your way.

This recording of our live class guides you step by step into deeper relaxation, and works well for those who store lots of tension in the body, but also those who struggle to mentally relax or focus their thoughts and attention, as it will help their mind feel clearer and much more rested and refreshed.

As always, never listen to this or any relaxation track whilst driving or operating machinery, and only when you are somewhere safe, warm and unlikely to be disturbed. You can enjoy this seated or lying down, but always make sure you are warm enough as the body has a tendency to cool when relaxing.

I really hope you enjoy it, 

Love & Light Jennifer x

You will get a MP3 (54MB) file