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(re)- [Marimba & Electronics, 2019]

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Solo Marimba
Pre-recorded & live electronics
9' - 16'

About this work

react. refine. rewrite. reimagine. recede. remain.

(re)- sets out a collection of musical cells, with which the musician interacts and chooses how to respond, building and retracting layers of sound.

The initial inspiration for the piece came from palimpsests; the the old technique of reusing manuscript paper, washing off old ink, to make way for new ink. Often the layers of old ink can be seen faintly through the material placed on top, and the technique, used several times develops a history which tells a unique and (re)written story.

(re)- was commissioned by GMEM and was developed by Sarah Lianne Lewis (composer), Laurent Mariusse (marimba) and Pierre Fleurence (electronics) during a residency period in GMEM Marseille in April 2019. The premiere performance was given by Laurent Mariusse on 15th May 2019 in GMEM’s Les Musiques festival.

This listing is for a PDF download of the Full Score and a .zip file with the electronics (MAX MSP patches).  Please use the contact box if you'd like to order a printed and bound score.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (1MB)
  • ZIP (170MB)

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