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The Strength of the Pack (Suncoast Society 30)

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The Strength of the Pack (Suncoast Society 30)

This book is a direct sequel to Vulnerable (Suncoast Society 29).

[MF, contemporary BDSM romance -- NOT paranormal; cinnamon roll Dom hero, accidental pregnancy, heroine survivor of CSA, medical issues, blended family, step-parenting, HEA]

As old and as true as the sky...

Eva’s world collapsed when Leo divorced her. She believed an imperfect marriage was better than none, since Leo protected her and their daughter. Then she quickly came to love Leo’s new husband Jesse—as a friend—and realized their newly formed “pack” is stronger and better, for all of them.

Nate Crawford practices acupuncture and enjoys helping people. That he can also use it for play at the BDSM club, Venture, is a happy bonus. Family is everything to him, because he raised his little sister as a single parent after the fiery accident that claimed their parents in front of them. Nate mistakenly thought Leo, Jesse, and Eva were a triad, until matchmaking mutual friend Tilly gets involved.

Now, despite Leo and Jesse’s blessings, Nate’s only barrier to lasting love is earning Eva’s trust so she finally reveals the dark secret she keeps deeply buried. But the worst day of Nate’s life pales in comparison when an unforeseen crisis forces him to rely on the strength of their pack to carry him and Eva through a nightmare he cannot escape.

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