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Health Anxiety Worksheets

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  • Do you find yourself constantly worrying about having a serious medical condition?
  • Do you frequently check your body for signs or symptoms of illness?
  • Are you easily alarmed by minor physical sensations or changes in your body?
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time researching symptoms and illnesses online or discussing them with others?
  • Are you often seeking reassurance from doctors, even after being told there is no evidence of a serious medical condition?
  • Does your fear of illness interfere with your daily life, such as work, relationships, or social activities?

If so, Health Anxiety Worksheets can help you manage your anxiety and find relief.

+20 Pages of evidence-based activities and prompts

Health anxiety, also known as illness anxiety disorder (previously called hypochondriasis), is a condition characterized by excessive worry and fear about having a serious medical condition, despite having little or no actual medical evidence to support the belief.

Individuals with health anxiety often misinterpret normal bodily sensations as signs of a severe illness and may constantly seek reassurance from medical professionals or engage in excessive health-related behaviors, such as frequent doctor visits, extensive internet research, or repeated medical tests.


  • Self-Assessment
  • Where Do Your Health Worries Come From?
  • Identify Your Health Worries
  • Understand Your Health Anxiety Cycle
  • Identify Underlying Beliefs
  • Downward Arrow
  • Challenge Your Health Worries
  • Safety Behavior
  • Schedule Worry Time
  • Keep a Worry Journal
  • Coping Skills
  • Practice Self-Compassion

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