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Wool Pulled Custom Saddle Pad for Riding and Pack Saddles (Member Exclusive)

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Colorful Riding Set (Member Exclusive)

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Herbs for Nutrients Guide (including base herbal mineral recipe)


Mohair Cinch Set (Available to members only!)

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Ultimate Donkey Training Halter Package {a Member Exclusive}

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Donkey Training Level 4: Trailer Loading Training & Bonus


Custom Made Donkey Bridle or Headstall (MEMBER ONLY ORDER)

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Fly Repellent and Healing Salve

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Donkey Training Level 1: Foundation


Donkey Training: Level 3 Movement (Ground Work)


Donkey Care Guide: The Basics


Natural Donkey Care Book 1: Donkeys Physically


Essential Oils For Donkeys eBook with BONUS!


Donkey Training Level 2: Desensitize and Build Confidence


Rescue Donkeys


It's all about Donkey Life here!

Welcome to the Donkey Listener shop! It's all about Donkeys here! My name is Angelia Silvera, aka, The Donkey Listener. I'm a donkey trainer in southeast TN. I'm also Licensed Esthetician, family herbalist and artisan tack maker.

💖I want people to be successful with their donkeys, their training goals, and know the joy of having their 'dream donkeys' like I do. I'm devoted to creating resources to help donkeys and their owners everywhere!

I want people to have good fitting tack for their donkeys that's beautiful and unique, just like donkeys. Horses shouldn't be the only equine with beautiful tack options! I offer mohair tack, donkey halters, donkey bridles and donkey tack sets. 

I believe the donkey is a long overlooked animal that has many uses. It's a sure-footed riding mount, calm driving partner, willing farm helper, and amazing hiking companion.

There is nothing like a donkey!