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Nord VPN Review | Is It Worth Your Money?

Nord VPN Review | Is It Worth Your Money?

Because of the advent of streaming services and location-restricted material, virtual private networks, or VPNs as they're more popularly known, have grown in popularity over the last decade. VPNs are no longer simply for Silicon Valley techies or security professionals, and providers have shifted their focus to the general public.

Nord VPN has developed as a market leader, amassing a mainstream following since its inception in 2012 with only one server. The firm now has 5,113 servers in 60 countries and more than 14 million users.

NordVPN is based in Panama, which has no data retention rules, and the service has a rigorous no-logging policy, which means that none of your internet activity is kept or sold to the highest bidder.

With hundreds of VPNs available, you may find it difficult to narrow them all down. To assist you, we will make life easier by just focusing this review on Nord VPN.

But just how excellent is Nord VPN? In order to find out, we decided to put Nord VPN to the test. We examined its functionality, as well as its dependability while attempting to access region-specific streaming services, server speeds, general user experience, privacy credentials, and other factors. Here's our in-depth analysis.

You can rely on our unbiased evaluations. I may receive a commission for my reviews on the Nord VPN product, but this never influences my decisions, which are based on real-world and professional advice. 

NordVPN: has plans starting at £3.05 per month.


  • There are 5,113 servers in use.

  • More than 80 servers are located across 60 countries.

  • It is possible to connect up to six devices.

  • Operating systems supported include Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Android TV.

Encryption, security, and privacy

Nord VPN boasts all of the security features you'd expect from a reputable VPN service, including AES-256 encryption. It supports NordLynx, the company's WireGuard-based protocol, as well as OpenVPN connections. These are two high-security protocols used to create a safe, encrypted tunnel between the NordVPN client and the server of your choosing. Nord VPN utilizes the suggested protocol by default, however, you may alter this in the options. You may also set up a VPN on your network.

Furthermore, there is a handy built-in kill switch that is enabled by default. This prevents your device from accessing the internet if your connection is lost, acting as the last line of defense to ensure that your data is never compromised.

However, although those capabilities are quite typical nowadays, NordVPN comes with a slew of additional sophisticated features that offer it an advantage over its competitors. It also includes a function called "Double VPN," which routes your data through two VPN servers rather than one.

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Would really like to take your security to the next level? Nord VPN also allows you to tunnel your internet traffic through a VPN server and then through the Onion network, allowing you to access the Onion network without using The Onion Router (Tor). The Onion network is generally associated with supporting illicit activities on the dark web, however, Edward Snowdon used the Tor browser to leak NSA information, and he advised everyone to use the Tor browser to safeguard their privacy.

There are specialized P2P servers, which many VPN companies do not offer in their monthly plans. We got the same download speeds as our normal internet provider when we tested it out. The firm also provides dedicated IP addresses, which are suitable for corporate users. It means an additional £48.33 each year.

The pause option is an underutilized feature that many other VPN companies lack. If you're as forgetful as us, you've probably left your VPN on while streaming and then been perplexed when you went to visit Amazon and ended up on the German site. But, thanks to Nord VPN's functionality, we were able to halt the VPN for up to an hour and then restart it after we were done shopping. It's straightforward yet quite useful.

If you're concerned about the privacy of your internet traffic, Nord VPN has also completed an impartial "no logs" audit of their service, and sure, they do not maintain any records of your data.

A Live Feed

While using a VPN to access the geo-restricted content on Netflix and other streaming platforms is not illegal, it does violate most streaming services' terms of service. However, Nord VPN should work well for streaming because it uses obfuscated servers, which means that when you access geo-restricted material from a streaming service, the fact that you're using a VPN will be hidden.

Nord VPN is tested on a variety of devices and streaming providers, and it functioned well. Individuals were able to unblock American Netflix, American Prime Video, and American Disney+ on their iPhone, Mac, and Windows computers simply by connecting to a server in the United States.

Users of Nord VPN were also able to access the American streaming service Hulu from the UK on our iPhone, but we ran into a stumbling block when attempting to access Hulu via the browser – oddly, we received a Fastly error after entering in.

All in all, streaming worked well, and we didn't have to switch servers in search of one that would work with our preferred streaming provider. Speeds were also adequate—we saw no buffering difficulties on any platform.

The user interface, speed, and user experience

The desktop program isn't the most aesthetically beautiful or straightforward item we've seen. The map on the right can be difficult to browse and takes up a lot of screen space when compared to the nation list on the left. We found ExpressVPN's user interface to be significantly more user-friendly, especially for inexperienced users.

Having said that, there are several characteristics mentioned above that we loved. The pause button is really easy to find, you can simply search for servers in the menu, and stuff like the kill switch is already set up, so you don't have to fiddle with it. The UI is basic enough for casual streaming users, while the deeper functions are tucked away in options.

Another thing we like about the user interface is useful presets that display above the server list. Presets are provided for speed, browsing, and downloading. You may also create your own presets for whichever circumstance you find yourself in—settings include protocol, server, and other options. It's now exclusive to the Mac app, but maybe it'll make its way to the brand's other platforms soon.

In terms of speed, how fast is Nord VPN? A speed test was performed on the "quick connect" UK server and discovered that it was roughly 10% slower than our typical connection in terms of download speeds. Connecting to the US server took about 12% longer. That's still rather catchy.

Nord Support System

NordVPN offers live chat assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week on their website. Although there was no live chat in the mobile app, we were able to send a message using the contact us option found inside the app settings.

The support service at Nord VPN is great in my opinion. They put the effort in to give an ear to your queries and offer a quick solution. Speaking of people, you might not need one — the chatbot is quite detailed, answering any question you could throw at it. You'll probably be able to figure out what you need to accomplish just by chatting to the robot. This feature is not readily available via mobile applications.

Let Us look At Nord VPN Pricing

To be honest, Nord VPN isn't inexpensive. It is one of the most costly platforms available, and you can only utilize up to six devices at the same time. Nonetheless, its feature set raises it to one of the finest VPNs available.

If you register for two years, Nord VPN costs £73.26, which works out to £3.05 a month. Probably the lowest possible pricing at the moment. If you register for a year, you'll pay £43.66, or £3.64 each month. Should you wish to pay monthly, it will set you back £8.84 every month. While it is pricey, it is still less costly than Express VPN. There's also a 30-day free trial if you just want to try it out before committing.

You might be lucky to get access to discount codes that can reduce the price a bit.

My Verdict On Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the most feature-rich VPNs on the market right now, with all of the standard encryption and security capabilities, as well as some more sophisticated options like access to The Onion Network, "Double VPN," and much more.

The settings on the Mac program are tolerable, though the user interface, notably the map might have been a little less crowded. Nord VPN is capable of unblocking all the Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime video material desire as streaming consumers. 

You can get access to Nord VPN's official website via this link.

Because of the encrypted server feature, you don't have to switch servers attempting to locate one that worked with your preferred streaming provider.

Although Nord VPN is not the cheapest platform, costing a substantial amount for only six devices, it works hard for that fee. The speeds are fast, the connections are swift, and it performs exactly as promised. It's well-rounded and will be useful to any sort of user.

This is my unbiased review on Nord VPN. If you want to try the Nord VPN service then click here to visit their official website.

If you should purchase this product via any link in this review, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Check out the Nord VPN on their official website.

Thank you for reading my Nord VPN Review to the end. I hope you found the information useful.