Pleasure Palace

Welcome, come inside and relax~

Take a load off and let your desires be our orders.
We welcome you to Pleasure Palace!

We specialize in short RP audio stories supported by featured artwork/comic. Our girls will cover a vast variety of themes for your entertainment. It can vary from comic dubs to POV stories.

We hope that you'll support us, so we can always improve and get more girls to work for you.
If you want a list of our employees you can find it by clicking this link: Employees list.
If you want to know the themes we cover, click this link: Themes/fetishes.

We hope you have a nice ride and see you again soon enough~

(PS: not all stories have to be NSFW, we can also do just SFW stories. Don't be afraid to ask ^^)

Most content is intended for adults.
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