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Birthing Bestiality 50-Pack

All 50 birthing bestiality tales in my catalogue to date. (20th June 2020)
40 animal on woman tales, 10 man on animal tales. Each story features hot, bestial sex and tender birthing scenes!
Bred By The Chimp And Having His Baby In An Underground Science Lab/I Derived Sexual Pleasure From Giving Birth To A Litter Of Puppies/I Was Paid $1Million To Have Sex With The German Shepherd And Carry His Puppies/Breast Feeding Eight Labrador Pups After Giving Birth To Them/My Lion Lover Stimulated My Clitoris While I Was Giving Birth To His Cubs/I Got Pregnant By Our Dog And You Should Have Seen The Look On My Husband’s Face When Puppies Came Out Of My Pussy/Man On Animal Birthing: Breeding My Bitch/Man On Animal Birthing: Breeding My Mare, Drinking Her Milk/Man On Animal Birthing: Breeding And Milking With The Female Chimp/I Had Sex With A Pig And Gave Birth To Ten Piglets/I Had An Orgasm While Birthing A Foal/Banging The Ram, Having His Lamb/Man On Animal Birthing: Breeding And Milking With The Vixen/Wanted: Woman To Have Sex With Bull And Birth His Calf/Man On Animal Birthing: Breeding And Milking With The Tigress/A Wolf Fertilised My Eggs And I Birthed His Cubs/I Am Daddy's Dog's Breeding And Birthing Bitch/Banged By The Buck And Having His Fawn/I Am The Stallion’s Broodmare And I Will Have His Foal/I Made Passionate Love With My Doberman Buddy And Two Months Later I Had His Puppies/My Son And My Husband Couldn’t Get Me Pregnant Despite Giving Me Multiple Creampies So I Had Sex With The Family Dog And Gave Birth To Four Puppies/Our Daughter Was Bred By Our Dog Then We Drank Her Piss During Her Pregnancy/Hucow, Breeding And Birthing Slave On The Puppy Farm/Hucow Broodmare Slave On A Stud Farm/Close Encounters Of The Bestial Birthing Kind 3-Pack/Laying The Bald Eagle's Eggs/I Lay With The Lizard And Laid His Eggs/Laying Gator Eggs/Birthing The Boa's Babies/Birthing The Musk Ox's Calf/Birthing The Gorilla's Baby/Birthing The Elephant's Calf/Laying The Python's Eggs/Birthing The Rhino's Calf/Birthing The Buffalo's Calf/Man On Animal Birthing: I Had An Affair With Our Dog And My Wife Never Suspected The Puppies Were Mine/Birthing Pups On The Underground Sex Show/Man On Animal Birthing: I Screwed A Coyote Then Raised Its Pups/Having A Foal In The Birthing Bestiality Cult/Birthing In The Puppy Maternity Ward/Mom And I Were Bred At The Same Time And Had Puppies At The Same Time/Man On Animal Birthing: I Made Love To A Female Grizzly Then We Raised Cubs Together/I Wanted to Father Pups so I Mind Controlled, Bred and Caged My Owner Book/Spawning The Frog's Tadpoles/Man On Animal Birthing: I Bred A Labrador In My Vet Clinic And The Owner Never Suspected A Thing/Man on animal birthing: Impregnating the panda and raising its cub/For a practical joke I got my dog to rape breed my wife while she was sleeping and she never knew about it till she birthed his puppies/Brutally raped by the swan and laying his eggs

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