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Porked and Impregnated by the Pig

I love my pig, Horace. I know it’s not possible for humans and animals to mate with each other, but Horace and I did. This is my story of how a virgin became the mother of a litter of six little teeny baby pigs. It’s also about the love between a human girl and her beloved pig, Horace.


One day when my mom was getting her hair done and I was sunning myself in the yard, Horace stuck his nose right up in between my legs. I giggled and squirmed and told him to stop, but he didn’t. What he did was take a big old bite out of my swimsuit. He bit a hole clean through so that I was completely exposed down there. I could feel the cold air rush in, but within seconds his snout was pressed up against my asshole. I felt him wriggle his snout in even deeper until it seemed like he was inside me.

“Horace!” I screamed. “Horace, what are you doing?”

I wiggled my ass back and forth but no matter what I did, I felt my legs spreading further and further apart until they were as wide as they could go. I felt Horace nuzzle and push down there like he was rooting around in the mud and he was making noises like I’d never heard.

It didn’t take long before I started to writhe right along with him. What he was doing to me felt so good that I pressed myself backward into him and felt his nose go in even deeper. I squealed with delight as Horace licked my clit while fucking me with his thick snout. I was a virgin and had no idea how good this sort of thing could feel. I was sure it at least partly had to do with how much I loved my Horace, though.

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