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Free Use Incest 6: Taking My Sister In The Changing Room

Two girls - one pill.

My newly-minted 18-year-old bombshell of a sister and her equally stunning friend found themselves on the wrong end of my free-use intentions. Caught in the changing room, they had no idea what I was about to do…


I fucking knew it! I knew that Sandy, my sister’s best friend from college, had a crush on me.

After sneaking home earlier than usual, with the twisted intention of putting my Free Use powers to work on my sister, Jane, I overheard them talk about me in the kitchen. Sandy explicitly said that she thought I was hot!

With a smile stretching my lips, and my cock stretching my pants even more, I slammed the door shut to alert them of my return. They both straightened up, like I had caught them in the act of plotting something wicked.

Jane smiled. “We never heard you come in. How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough.” I smirked.

Sandy blushed and looked down at the floor.

They both looked like easy meat. With rail thin bodies and long sleek legs, my sister was blonde and her friend was brunette. I knew that I was in for the time of my life when I’d get around to claiming their tight eighteen-year old cunts. My sister was hotter than her friend, but they were both very sexy.

My Free Use power was permanent after many months taking my potion. I had drank so much of the stuff that I no longer needed it. Free Use flowed through my veins like my blood and stuck with me.

At the click of a finger I could have easy pussy any time I felt like it. All I had to do was take whatever woman I craved. And as I stood there, watching my beautiful sister and her best friend giggle and look all shy and coy, I was about to indulge in a nasty session of hardcore incest and sex.

As I walked toward them, my balls throbbed and my cock hardened even more. They both wore tiny shorts and vest tops, showing off their nubile figures to perfection. But fucking them right there where they stood was just too easy.

“Are you guys going into town?” I asked, scanning them with my hungry eyes.

“Why?” Jane said, her bright-blue eyes narrowing as she flicked her blonde hair back.

“No reason. I’m heading into town myself, wondered if you wanted a lift.”

Sandy bounced up and down on the balls of her tiny feet. “Ooh, can you?”

Jane squinted at her. “I thought we were staying in and chilling.”

“I need some new panties.”

Hearing that, my jaw clenched with need.

“Fine,” Jane told her. “We’ll make a day out of it…grab some sushi and watch a movie.”

I cleared my throat. “Cool. I’ll take a quick shower first and then drop you off.”

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