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Sexual Roleplays & Games: Over 100 Demonstrated (PDF, EPUB & MOBI)

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In this book you’ll find more fun, tantalizing, playful games and fantasies for couples,. It is the ultimate source for bringing erotic fantasy and intense sensual pleasure to life, it helps you explore your partner’s body, identify the hottest arousal zones, at the same time acting out your wildest sexual fantasies. This book will show you how to vary your approach to sex making it loving, erotic, stimulating, and more playful.
Sexual desire is as diverse as it is personal, and sometimes we don’t find it easy to share our most intimate thoughts even with the people closest to us.
We use a variety of methods to overcome these inhibitions and now more and more couples are getting started with sexual role play as a means to take on a different persona and explore their lesser-expressed fantasies.
This book is your ticket to that toe-curling sex that you’ve both been dreaming of. When you indulge in the fantasies and games outlined here, you’ll not only be giving your sex life the time it deserves, but you’ll be injecting creativity and passion into it as well. Each of these scenarios provides a steamy sex date hot enough to put the sizzle back into any relationship!
The possibilities are limited only the imagination, so if getting dressed up in the name of sexual self-discovery sounds appealing to you Explore new territories, flip through the book and experiment with pieces, parts, or entire games and fantasies. Find one that quickens your blood, or just brings a smile to your face, then suggest it to your partner and get started to play.


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