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eBook-How to Win Your War Against Depression?

Depression Treatment Without Side Effects

Since the end of the Second World War, the rates of depression around the world have soared.
Depression is an illness that can destroy lives ad families. Many people try various forms of
treatment before any improvement is realized. Many are not so lucky and end up paying the
ultimate price. Drugs and medication are one way to treat depression. However there has been
a lot of criticism in recent years over the amount of medication we are taking. Depression can
be treated naturally and the natural approach should be attempted first if possible.
Getting good nights sleep is essential. Sleep and mood are closely linked. When we are tired
we react to things differently than we do when we have had adequate rest. Remember to sleep
well and regularly.

Caffeine and other stimulants should be avoided. They do give you temporary energy but have
been known to deplete your serotonin levels. Low serotonin levels are a prime cause of

Take a multi vitamin everyday. This is especially important if your lifestyle causes you to skip
meals. Low vitamin deficiency has been linked to depression.
You may want to try getting in touch with your spiritual side. This can be done in a variety of
ways. If you enjoy going to church, this is a good opportunity. You may want to look at prayer
and meditation as well. You do not have to be overly religious to be spiritual. There are many
ways to get there.

Finally, you may want to try getting more exercise. This doesn’t mean marathon training. Start
out slow and build up if you feel the need. Exercise helps release endorphins which make you
feel more empowered. There is also the health benefits attached to more activity...

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