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Mom Fucked My Brains Out For $1000!

Mom was broke. Absolutely destitute. Barely making ends meet. She was also a prude.

I’d just snatched a fat raise and had some money burning a hole in my pocket. How much would it take to loosen mom up? Could I get her to do anything I wanted?

When I flashed a hundred in mom’s face, she became a wild woman! What she did next will shock you! It sure as fuck shocked me!


It was a social experiment of sorts. See, mom was a very strict religious woman. She was also dirt poor. I knew money was important to her, but I wanted to find out exactly how important.

So I set up an experiment. I had left a bag with a very revealing, low cut blouse that covered almost nothing and a hundred dollar bill with a note attached.

"Wear this around the house all day and the money is yours."

I had installed some cameras around the place to record exactly what she did. How far would she go for the money?

The moment she picked it up, a myriad of emotions flitted across her very beautiful, motherly face. She was of average height and build, but she sported large breasts, long, golden hair and beautiful Caribbean-blue eyes.

With shaky hands, she removed the blouse and held it over her torso. I could see a tear forming at the corner of her eyes.

She blanched, though, when she realized exactly how much of her breasts it was going to show.

Hemming and hawing, she danced around, trying to decide. Finally, she put it down and went back to making breakfast.

But the temptation was too great. Not five minutes later, she came back in the room, stuffed the money in her pocket and changed into the new outfit.

As modest as mom was, she had never been a big bra wearer at home. So, when she pulled off her old, stuffy shirt and replaced it with the new one, I got a glimpse of her large, ample breasts.

That was the moment I knew I could go all the way. See, mom was poor. I mean dirt poor. I watched her put on the blouse and tears were dripping down her eyes.

I was pretty sure she'd never even seen a hundred dollar bill before. Let alone been given one.

Watching her put on that very revealing blouse was one of the highlights of my life and made my cock ache.

I waited a few minutes before bouncing down the stairs. This was going to be an interesting day!

"Hey mom! Nice blouse." I called out and grabbed a plate of bacon and eggs, then sat at the table.

The moment mom saw me, her face turned a thousand shades of red. She was so flustered, she couldn't even respond.

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