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Breaking the Bonds

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A peaceful colony invaded by aliens. A generation of fear. A final spark of rebellion.

Serena witnesses one callous act too many, one indignity on top of a thousand indignities. She won’t bow down so readily any longer. The Meta are not invincible, and their influence does not extend to the hearts and minds of the people.  The whispers become a rallying call: REBELLION!

Twenty-five years of subjugation under the Meta leaves the human colonists of Free Faith fearful and wary. Their overlord’s brutal, and capricious ways have pushed them too far. Serena vows to stop the Meta no matter how much it costs her.

If you like stories of upheaval and a struggle for freedom, you’ll love Breaking the Bonds. Serena and her companions will draw you into their fierce battle to overthrow the invaders.

Buy Breaking the Bonds today to find out if the time is ripe for rebellion.
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