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Dastardly Daddies 4-Pack Vol 14

These women all do exactly what their daddies tell them to! This is a VERY hot mix of daddy/daughter incest action. Every single one of these daughters gets exactly what they deserve from their daddies. Check it out!

Look inside for a HOT preview!

Stories Included:

- Controlling My Daughter And Her Mother With A Voodoo Doll - Part 2
- Jerking Off On My Daughter's Face
- Grounded! On Daddy's Cock!
- Doctor Daddy Knocked Me Up On The Exam Table


Pulling up to the house I turn off the lights and kill the engine. It had been a rough day at work, but the long day was over now and I could finally get some rest and relaxation.

A good recharge was just what I needed and as I fumbled for the keys in my pocket I thought about maybe grabbing a drink or maybe my pipe and having a smoke.

Flicking on the lights, I placed my work bag on the table next to the door and made my way into the house. It was really quiet that night and it felt extra peaceful because all I could hear was the quiet calm of night.

I made my way into the bedroom and started to strip off my clothes. My body ached a little, but I knew once I sat down and got comfortable all that would soon go away.

Pulling off the last of my clothes I looked at my body in the mirror. I looked at my smooth and toned muscles. It felt good to see the results of a hard job at the factory, combined with some gym to supplement the rigorous job.

My body was fit, strong, and yet I hadn’t dated in so long. It was hard finding a woman that I could connect with, usually they were nice enough but I just couldn’t meet anyone who I felt comfortable getting close to.

I was in a dry spell for sure, and while I was physically attractive, both my luck and my choices were far from ideal. Thinking about this for awhile longer I’d look at my tanned skin, glad that I didn’t get a sunburn when constructing the new addition to the deck last weekend.

Needing a shower, I headed to the bathroom and flicked the light switch on. As soon as it hot, I slipped into the tub and closed the glass door. I thought about how today had been taxing, but that it was a good day. Thinking about how I used to spend it with my wife, my cock twitched and tingled as I remembered her beautiful red hair, those emerald green eyes, and those perky and playful breasts.

I felt a bit of heat rush into my body, while the water was nice and hot it was the thought of my former love that filled me with heat. Her nubile body, always eager and excited, how it responded to my touches and was mine to tease and play with. Sadly those days were over, but my wife had gifted me with a beautiful daughter, one that I loved as deeply and as fiercely as I did her.


I started to think of McKenzie and how she looked so much like her mother. Her hair was the same bright red, and her eyes were an even more beautiful dark jade. I thought about how her body was small and petite like my wife Clarie’s.

I hadn’t seen her naked in many years but I’ve seen her in a bikini and she could have been the twin sister of my wife. Her hair was longer though, going down to her butt which for some reason I just wanted to smack.

Surprising myself with these dirty thoughts, I started to shake these feelings from my head, but they kept coming back. I tried to fight them but it made no sense to fight them, my daughter was beautiful, she was gorgeous, and to top it off, I loved her.

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