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Raped by dogs 21-pack

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A bundle specially created for those who like reading about women get raped like the bitches they are! In every hole by big red dog cocks! This will overlap with some other bundles.

Raped by the Rottweiler/Raped and bred by a dog then one year later gang raped by the litter I gave birth to/Gang raped by dogs on an underground sex show/Milf raped by thugs and Alsatians/Raped by the Sergeant Major and his dog/Raped, bred and knotted by the 300lb slavering St Bernard/Gang raped by my husband’s friends and their dogs/A dog raped me and I had an orgasm/I paid $1 million dollars for a dog to rape my fiancée/Rex becomes the man of the house...and rapes me/Raping and breeding my owner/Raped by the hairless dog on an underground Mexican sex show/Nun raped by Satan’s dog/Barbarian woman raped by wild dogs in the Colosseum/Raped by Rex on the reality show/My black dog raped a black woman on a black night/Raped by rabid dogs and pumped full of their diseased cum/Robber raped by Rover/Sleeping crack whore Mom raped by dog/Raped by my guide dog/Repeatedly raped in every hole by every dog in the pound
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