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[P.D.F] Hell Ships - 3 Monstrous Scary Sea Tales The Derelict, Desolation Whaling Station, The Lighthouse by Ben Hammott

Three scary tales of sea monsters and the humans who are unfortunate to cross their path.

The Derelict

When medical student Nathanial Larkin is assigned as ship’s doctor aboard the Falcon, he is determined to make the most of the undesirable posting. Looking upon it as an adventure, he climbs aboard. Thrown off course by a savage storm, they spy a derelict ship. Little knowing what horrors he and the crew would shortly face, they board her. Finding no sign of life; they turn their minds to salvaging the cargo. However, the ship might be derelict, but it is not abandoned. Something is on board and is coming for them.

Desolation Bay Whaling Station

A whale hunt turns deadly when the hunter becomes the hunted. With their ship damaged and in danger of sinking, the crew of the Harpooner head for the nearest safe harbor, Desolation Bay Whaling Station. They arrive to find it abandoned and partly destroyed. As they set out to repair their ship, they are unaware that the whaling station has been built on another’s territory. She is pregnant, vicious, and doesn’t take kindly to trespasses.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse was meant to save souls in peril. Instead, it drew evil men into a world their worst nightmares would shun.

They have nowhere to run to.

They have no way to leave.

They have no hope of rescue.

They only have one choice; to fight.

But how can they fight and hope to win against something that isn’t human, is faster, stronger, and has them outnumbered…

Welcome to The Lighthouse.


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