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No, Daddy! Please Don't Rape Me In The Ass!

I’d had it with my 18-year-old bratty daughter. Ever since the divorce, she’d been sassing me and treating me like I was beneath her. That’s when she started flaunting her deliciously hot, sexy body around the house. Often, she wore nothing but a flimsy pair of panties and a see-through shirt that hid absolutely nothing.

After drinking a few beers, I decided to do something about my daughter’s bratty behavior. I waited until she was all alone in the shower. And then I…joined her.

This is a sizzling hot short story about a drunk, horny father raping his slutty 18-year-old daughter in her ass and pussy. Here’s a wicked-hot preview:


Angela, my 18-year-old daughter was a brat. There really was no other word to describe her. I loved her to pieces, but ever since her mother and I separated and I got custody of her, she's been nothing but a pain in the ass.

Every chance she gets, she sasses me. She constantly talks back. And she no longer respects my authority.

Well, all that's going to change. Today.

She was a perfect child growing up, but now that she's turned 18 and has to live with me, her personality has flipped.

The last straw was when she started wearing extremely skimpy clothes around the house.

I knew what she was doing: flaunting her very sexy 18-year-old body, thinking that there was nothing I could do about it.

She was soon going to find out how wrong she was!


"Hey, honey!" I said as she crawled out of her room at noon on Sunday.

She completely ignored me, heading to the restroom to take a shower.

She was wearing only the skimpiest of clothes, no doubt trying to taunt me again.

I watched her pink-pantied ass sway past me. It was just that and a flimsy, see-through t-shirt that allowed her nipples to poke through that separated her from her birthday suit.

I was suddenly angry. Why was my slutty daughter walking around practically naked, showing her delicious, 18-year-old body off to her father? Didn't she have any decency?

I drank a beer as I thought about my next move. All I could think about was her hot, naked, 18-year-old body under the shower. I suddenly wondered what she looked like naked.

My cock sprang to life as I thought about my daughter prancing around the house without any clothes. I'll just bet she was as hot under her clothes as she was on the outside.

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