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The Productive Entrepreneur ECourse

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5 Modules Including 

Module 1: The Battle for Productivity and why it's important 
Module 2: Systems over Goals 
 • How to create systems in your small biz so you get things DONE! 
Module 3: The Early Bird Gets the Worm 
 • How to Become a morning person and develop a winning morning routine 
Module 4: Kill Your Distractions 
 • How to Eliminate Unnecessary distractions for maximum productivity
Module 5: Slay Your Dragons
 • How to structure your day and time block so you get things DONE!  

BONUS: In depth video of my time block technique and planning an entire week! 

BONUS: The Abundance Mindset Ebook FREE *downloaded automatically* 

Course will be available with all resources in May 2020!! This is an exclusive price the course will be $97 when released to the public! 

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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5 Daily Habits to Boost Mood


My Fibro Fix: 15 Natural Methods I use that Help with my Fibromyalgia Symptoms


The Things You Attract Book/ Workbook PDF


Modern Instagram Marketing Handbook


Absolute Yoga Ebook


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The Things You Attract: Manifestation 101


Tarot Reading for Beginners


Fight Fatigue with the Power of Yoga