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Animal Birthing 20-Pack Vol 1

20 smoldering animal sex scenes, 20 human pregnancy scenes and 20 tender animal birthing scenes. These cross-species breeding stories are at once touching and extremely hot.

Come along on an erotic adventure of ordinary women who take animal sex just a couple steps further.

All animals are fair game!

*** These are the first 2 10-packs combined for your convenience.

Stories Included:

- Birthing My German Shepherd's Puppies
- Birthing My Very Own Foal
- Birthing My Golden's Pups
- Raped By The Stray & Forced To Carry His Pups
- Birthing The Tiger's Kittens
- Birthing The Akita's Puppies
- Drugged By The Dog To Carry His Puppies
- Birthing The Dolphin's Baby
- Birthing A Pony For My Daughter
- Birthing Bigfoot's Baby
- Birthing The Stallion's Forbidden Foal
- Birthing The Stray's Puppies
- Birthing The Pit Bull's Pound Puppies
- Expecting The Rottweiler's Puppies
- Birthing The Lion's Cubs
- Birthing My Cute Baby Foal
- Birthing The Illicit, Underground Rottweiler Pups
- Free Use Animal Birthing 1: The Mutt's Pups
- Birthing The Alpaca's Baby
- Birthing The Alien's Babies

With my bottle of lady tiger pheromones clutched tightly in my palm, I wandered around the zoo, pretending to look at all the animals. My heart drummed in my chest as I tried not to think too hard about what I was doing. What was I doing? Why, getting myself knocked up with tiger cubs, of course. I just needed to wait until the zoo had closed before I could slip into the majestic Bengal's enclosure.

Between the pheromones and the black market cross-species fertility drug, there was a 99% chance that if I could get close enough to a tiger - and live - I could get preggers with some baby tigers.

Yeah, I was nuts. But I wanted babies - bad. Like, real bad. But not human babies, I wanted kittens. Big, furry, fluffy kittens. The kind with paws as big as my face. Why? Well, I already said I was nuts. What more reason did I need? Actually, though, I've always had a fascination with big cats - specifically the tiger variety.

I subconsciously rubbed my belly as I watched the large, majestic beast pace back and forth in the cage. I knew he could smell the pheromones. I could even see his large cock poke out of its sheathe. My ovaries ached just looking at him. He was SO handsome. His vivid black stripes stood starkly against his orange fur. My pussy contracted as I'd already taken the special fertility pill and was now at peak ovulation. My body was primed. My hormones raced and the mere thought of his delicious cock driven deep in my pussy caused tremors to race through me.

"Soon, boy..." I whispered. "Soon."

It was an hour before closing and I busied myself, trying to look normal, not like some crazy baby lady looking to get herself knocked up. I puttered around until they were about ready to close up, then found myself the perfect hiding spot. I stood stock still, waiting for the cleaning crew to scram and everyone else to go home for the night. The wait was excruciating.

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