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"Block Head + BrickHeadz Link" Instructions + Parts List

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The legendary hero in brick form!

Includes instructions and parts lists for:
▴ A highly poseable "Block Head" Link figure, inspired by his appearance in The Wind Waker.
▴ The Master Sword, the Hero's Shield, the Wind Waker, and a pig.
▴ A display stand.
▴ A "BrickHeadz" version of Link.

The download also includes a ZIP file with parts lists and reference images for some alternative Block Head Links you can build. There are no instructions for these alternative designs but they all share a similar structure so you can use the Windwaker Link instructions plus the provided reference images and parts lists to guide you.

  • Download includes nine files: four sets of instructions (PDFs), four parts lists (XMLs), and a ZIP file with notes and parts lists for alternative designs.
  • Parts lists can be uploaded to BrickLink or another LEGO marketplace for easy ordering of parts.
  • No physical parts included with download.
  • Block Head Link requires a total of 154 parts (estimated cost: ~$28).
  • The accessories require a total of 57 parts (estimated cost: ~$15).
  • The display requires a total of 97 parts (estimated cost: ~$21).
  • BrickHeadz Link (minus accessories) requires a total of 130 parts (estimated cost: ~$24).
  • The part counts / costs for the alternative Links vary.
  • Estimated costs are from BrickLink, shown here in Canadian dollars, and current as of March 2021.
  • If you have any questions or comments about these instructions or the parts lists, please contact me at

LEGO® and "BrickHeadz" are trademarks of the LEGO Group of companies. "The Legend of Zelda" and associated properties are trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd. They do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse these items.

© 2021 LEGOfolk. All rights reserved.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (38MB)
  • XML (7KB)
  • PDF (25MB)
  • XML (4KB)
  • PDF (11MB)
  • XML (3KB)
  • PDF (36MB)
  • XML (6KB)
  • ZIP (8MB)

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