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Guide to Developing A Happiness Practice (25-page Guide)

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The secrets on how to invite more happiness into life have been a question in everyone's mind at some point. Many people, unfortunately, are in pursuit of happiness. But it can only be found at points along the journey, called life. Since the day we learned and desired to experience happiness, via our own pursuit of it, we found it to be as difficult as grabbing the wind with one hand.

Did you ever wonder what it really requires to experience happiness? I'd invite you to pivot your goal a little to embrace creating happiness where you are, as opposed to finding it in a place where you are not. Many people tried pursuing relationships, money, and success, and most of them have reached the point where they've realized that happiness does not really come from the outside, or from the world where you live in. In all truth, happiness is something that has always waited for you, lying in your secret place. It sits, patiently waiting for you to finally tap into doing that which will release it from its restraints.

Happiness is something that we all have access to. Finding happiness inside yourself is like peeling off the layers of an onion, with each layer representing your thoughts, fears, and negative beliefs. As you slowly peel away each layer representing who you are not, you will gradually reach the core of who you are. And right there and then, you will find yourself experiencing clarity. You will finally discover yourself and learn the real meaning of inviting more happiness.

To invite happiness, you need not lock yourself up inside a closet and meditate for the rest of your life. To be truly happy, there are some things that you have to learn first and in this Empowered Happiness Guide, you are bound to unravel what it takes to finally know the meaning of inviting and creating happiness.


Happiness is a state of being-ness. You do not look for it. You do not even have to chase it. Happiness lies within oneself, starting from you and ending at you. Happiness is about operating from your true authentic nature.

While other people try to look for happiness through their wealth, career, money and success, you have to understand that happiness is something that you choose for yourself. It is created in moments where we choose to be our authentic self.

So, what are the basics of happiness? What are the things that you can do in order for you to invite more happiness and fulfillment into your life?
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