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Diabetes & Carb Counting For Dummies (2017)

Once upon a time, the diet advice for people with diabetes was fairly concise,
and it went something like this — “Don’t eat sugar!” Well, guess what? That
strategy didn’t seem to cure anybody. Strike one. Next up was an attempt at
the one-size-fits-all, handy-dandy, pre-printed tear-off diet sheet that directed
you to follow your 1,800-calorie diabetes diet plan (or whatever calorie level
you were assigned to). Not that many people were thrilled with being told to
eat the exact same tedious diet pattern day after day for the rest of their lives.
Strike two. Most recently, health experts have come to the conclusion that
dietary interventions for people with diabetes should be individualized. That’s
a home run, finally!
From here on out, when I use the word “diet” I’m referring to your overall
food choices and pattern of eating. I don’t mean diet in terms of a temporary
fix or in the sense of dieting for weight loss (although that can be built into
the plan). When I say “diet,” I’m referring to the way you eat or aim to eat
most of the time.
The management of diabetes has a dietary component. What you eat, how
much, and when you eat it directly affects your blood glucose and overall
health. Diabetes and diet principles are inseparable. Now throw in a few more
variables such as exercise, stress, body weight, concurrent health problems,
and medications. It isn’t uncommon to feel like you’re a juggler trying to
keep six balls in the air without ever slipping up. If you can relax and focus
on one variable at a time, diabetes self-management becomes doable. Instead
of thinking about juggling, imagine that each aspect of diabetes management
is a piece of a larger puzzle. Diabetes & Carb Counting For Dummies is
designed to help you put those pieces together.

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