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Tips and tricks about Twitter

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Twitter is a social site in which users are able to post small messages. There are many types of messages which can be posted in twitter. Many people are making a lot of money by using twitter. There are many ways through which any person is able to use twitter for getting benefits. Registration in twitter is free and the user is able to start posting in a short time period. You can learn to use twitter in order to make money and getting different types of benefits.


You can share your affiliate links in twitter and get traffic to your targeted sites. Twitter allows affiliate marketing to users. Many types of affiliate links can be shared with followers on twitter. Some types of affiliate links are not allowed and you will get notification that such links are not allowed. You have to remove them in order to post the tweets.



Tweets are messages which are posted in twitter. There is a limit of words to be used in twitter per message. Users are posting small messages and including links for more details. If a message in twitter is having more words than the limits then the user is not able to post that tweet. The extra words inside the message are highlighted so that the user can eliminate them. Users have to remain in limits of twitter while posting messages otherwise they will not be able to post messages.


Tweets could contain any type of information. However all types of links are not allowed on twitter. If a link from a banned site is posted in tweet then the user will get a message that he must eliminate the link and update the tweet. Twitter is fast and many tweets can be posted in a short time period. It is important to have unique contents in tweets as you are not able to post similar tweets at the same time.


You have to wait for some hours before you post the same tweets again. You can make a schedule of posting and return to post the same tweets after 24 hours time. In this manner you are able to make a set of tweets which will be posted again and again and you will not be required to write them again.


If you are willing to many posts at a time then you must make them unique. Changing some words in tweet or adding or deleting some words will make them unique and you can post them without any types of problems. In this manner you are able to make unique tweets on your topics and have more chances of people checking the links and acting in your desired manner.


This strategy can work for you and you can make different types of tweets on any topic of your choice. You can change one word and this will make a unique tweet and you are able to post it. There is a limit on posting of tweets and you have to follow them. You cannot post same posts again and again.

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