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Lesbian Sex Moves: 101 Inspiring & Illustrated Sex Positions (PDF, EPUB, & MOBI)

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This book is intended to inspire and entice lovers to broaden their sexual repertoire. Our bodies have the potential to feel an array of sensations. When we more fervently explore our sexuality we uncover hidden, uncultivated desires and discover newfound pleasure possibilities. Indulging in novel, sensual activities as well as revisiting the tried and true vanilla types of sex positions will also sharpen lovemaking skills and increase intimacy between lovers, one delicious experience at a time.
Experiment with different positions to suit your mood and facilitate the type of connection you’re into pursuing. As you strive to become a self-assured lover and to experience more pleasurable and satisfying sex, do what makes you and your lover or lovers comfortable and happy. Play within your abilities and never force yourself into demanding postures. When you choose and act out a position, the only expectation going into it should be to have fun and enjoy one another as you share in some fresh loving.
Many positions involve friction, others rely on a clitoral focus or demand going deep inside, and special attention to a particular erogenous zone. Use this handy list as a visual reference when choosing a new position to verify those you’ve mastered, perhaps even jotting the date and location of the sexcapade in the margin. You can also denote favorites and indicate those you aspire to experience.
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