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Desert Kings Boxed Set (Books 4-6)

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Escape to the land of the Desert Kings with this boxed set containing books 4-6 in the series: Awakened by the Sheikh, Claimed by the Sheikh, and Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh. You'll find powerful sheikhs, strong women, and mystery and intrigue. Pour a glass of something long and cool and sit back and enjoy the heat and passion which await you in the land of the Desert Kings.

Awakened by the Sheikh (Desert Kings #4)
Cara Devlin's sexy voice lands her the job as translator to the King of Ma'in with a salary that will ensure she can leave Ma'in, and the painful memories of a husband who used her, and start afresh. King Tariq is devoted to his children, his country and remaining single. He soon realizes Cara could prove useful in his business negotiations... but only providing she doesn't know she's being used.

Claimed by the Sheikh (Desert Kings #5)
With an arranged, love-free marriage looming, Prince Sahmir of Ma'in is enjoying his last night in Paris when Aurora runs by, fleeing for her life. All Rory wants is to regain the estates her father lost to the Russian mafia. She hadn't planned on being kidnapped by the Russian, or living with a sheikh and she certainly hadn't planned on a baby.

Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh (Desert Kings #6)
"You walked away from our wedding and kept on walking. And I hear nothing from you for a year, except a trail of credit card charges. Now you return saying you want our baby. What the hell is going on, Taina?" But Finnish heiress, Taina, can't answer Prince Daidan's question without destroying his world. So Daidan comes up with a proposal of his own...

Desert Kings

Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh (#1)
The Sheikh's Bargain Bride (#2)
The Sheikh's Lost Lover (#3)
Awakened by the Sheikh (#4)
Claimed by the Sheikh (#5)
Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh (#6)

Sheikhs of Havilah

The Sheikh's Secret Baby (#1)
Bought by the Sheikh (#2)
The Sheikh's Forbidden Lover (#3)
Surrender to the Sheikh (#4)
Taken for the Sheikh's Harme (#5)

Secrets of the Sheikhs
The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction
The Sheikh's Secret Love Child
The Sheikh's Marriage Trap
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The Sheikh's Bargain Bride


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The Sheikh's Lost Lover


Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh


Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh


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Claimed by the Sheikh


Desert Kings Boxed Set (Books 1-3)


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