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Gang raped by the homeless guys with AIDS and syphilis, forced to swallow their diseased cum and piss, then anally raped and knotted by a stray dog with rabies

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Gang rape. Bestiality. Hardcore. Extreme.

“Sorry guys”, I said, “I…I don't have any change.”

“Ha ha. Lady thinks we want her change. Well, we’re sure as hell gonna to take any money you have, but we’ll be takin’ a lot more than that.”

The man in front of me who had just spoken was dressed in old brown rags, and when he spoke he revealed a mouth of multiple missing teeth. His beard looked like it had stuff living in it, and I was pretty sure he was a white guy, but so much of his face was grimy he could have passed for black. All the others looked pretty much the same, and their combined smell was so overpowering my eyes began to water.

The man in front who seemed to the leader walked up to me, so close his fetid breath was right in my face, and I could see red blotches amongst the dirt on his skin. He was likely in the advanced stages of some horrible disease. I realised I was shaking as he spoke.

“You think you’re somethin’ better than us don’t you? Walkin’ around in them fancy clothes, thinkin’ guys like us would never have a chance of getting near that pretty little pussy of yours. Well, let me ask you somethin’, you think that pussy will be so pretty when we gang rape the hell out of you and pump you full of AIDS? Let’s get her naked boys!”

“No! No! Don’t touch me” Aaaaaaaaah!”

They set upon me like a pack of ravenous wolves upon a deer, their filthy hands tearing at my clothes. Within seconds, my bra and panties were on the ground along with the needles and used condoms, and I was entirely naked.
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