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E-Book The Secret Book 1 Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thrillers

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What is the secret capable of destroying a glorious achievement and a source of national pride?

A secret so enormous it could not be told for many years, until now.

British undercover cop Steve Regan experiences a baptism of fire when he investigates ‘THE SECRET.’

New and old Steve Regan fans can now discover him at the beginning of his crime-busting career in this gripping thriller.

Join Regan in this prequel to the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thriller series by tagging along with Steven Hanrahan as a young C.I.D. detective in 1970’s Liverpool until his world is shattered by a tragic event involving a fatal car crash.

The young detective is hand-picked for a dangerous undercover assignment. On accepting the role, he moves to London - the ‘Smoke,’ adopting a new identity.

The legend of Steve Regan is born with a foolproof backstory so he can infiltrate the international crime gang behind England’s biggest sporting secret. A secret so shocking it could taint the image of British sport irreversibly if it were ever divulged.

What is that secret? Is it worth dying for?

A page-turning thriller of a novella packed with suspense. Discover Stephen Bentley’s undercover cop series today.

Get it now to find out what happens when Regan sets off on his first undercover adventure.
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