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Ticket to Time Management for Mamas 🥰 (with ebook)

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🚨 ATTENTION Mama Entrepreneurs!! 👀 

⏳Learn a time-management system that helps you get things done and feel balanced!🌷

Join Laura Baumann and Dawn Javi Vason 's

✨Time-Management for Balanced Mompreneurs Workshop✨

We know what it’s like to:

🤯feel like you can’t get anything done

🥺be afraid of what the “new normal” will bring

😳worry that "feeling stressed out" or "overwhelmed" is just the way life is

🤹🏼‍♀️feel stuck and at a loss for how to gain focus, clarity and a plan

And we’ve got your back!🤩

Learn and implement a powerful time-management system that helps you to:

💗Have total clarity on your goals and feel joyful about it

💗Get in touch with the vision, mission, and purpose behind your work and how committing to a plan will help you know exactly what to do in each moment

💗Be completely ready to commit to this time-management system and go ALL IN- no distractions, no procrastinations- get sh*t done

💗Understand deeply from a business perspective how having a system is going to change everything and finding balance with running your business and having quality time for yourself and your family

💗Learn how to focus and feel calm during hectic moments so that you handle challenges with confidence

💗Connect with like-minded mompreneurs coming together to be lovingly supportive of each other

💯Oh and this is NOT just going to be us throwing a bunch of information at you.

This is an interactive and hands-on Workshop!🙌🏽

You’ll also get:

👉🏽The recording of the workshop

👉🏽 Dawn Javi Vason 's The Productive Entrepeneur e-book + bonuses

👉🏽 Laura Baumann 's guided meditation for Productivity and Confidence + bonuses

This workshop is NOT for everyone.

It’s for mompreneurs who are

✅ serious about owning their time

✅ ready to commit to a system that works

✅ willing to put in the work along the way

This event is NOT free and space is limited.⚠️
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (119KB)
  • PDF (42KB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (19MB)

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