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Fucking Sis

When Frank, a 19-year old college student living at home with his strict parents, gets the house to himself for the weekend, he wants nothing more than to walk around naked, be wild and carefree and live the good life.

Those plans are rudely interrupted by a very hot woman knocking on the door. Forgetting to cover up, he confronts this woman - who claims that her mother gave her permission to move in. Susie pushes her way into the house and by the time they discover the truth, it’s too late to stop. It’s Frank’s first time and his newly-discovered sis shows him the ropes.

You’ll not want to miss this hot brother/sister action. This story is both funny and sexy and will be a welcome addition to your library. At 4,700 words it promises to titillate from beginning to end.


Completely engrossed in his game, he didn't hear the doorbell ring for several minutes. When he finally heard it, he - without thinking - raced to the door and opened it.

"Uh, maybe I have the wrong house," the visitor said, blushing.

Oh shit! Frank had completely forgotten that he was walking around the house nude and he grew embarrassed as he realized that there was a very pretty lady standing in front of him staring at his monster cock.

Oh well, it was too late to do anything about it now, he figured. "Perhaps. Perhaps not," he grinned lecherously at the petite, brown-haired woman standing in front of him.

She started to turn away, but then thought better of it. "Well," she forcefully pried her eyes away from the man's dick, "maybe you can help me."

"How so?"

"Aren't you going to cover up?" She remarked as she pointed to his massive hard-on as it flapped comically in the breeze.

He shrugged, "why? You've already seen it. And I take it by the way your eyes lust after it that you like what you see."

Sandra blushed furiously at his words. "That's beside the point," she struggled to meet his gaze.

"Is it really?" he pressed, liking how this interesting conversation was going. If his parents saw him like this they would shit bricks. He hoped none of the nosy neighbor ladies were around. Who was he kidding? They were always around.

Sandra pressed her legs together as she felt a drop of wetness cling to her panties. She had no idea why she was having this conversation with this good-looking man, but this wasn't the reason that she came here for.

"Look lady, as much as I'd like to continue this conversation about my cock, I have things to do. So what was it that you needed again?" he flexed his cock for emphasis.

The woman put her hand over her mouth and giggled at his antics. This was turning out to be a strange day. "Well," she indicated to the moving van behind her, "I'm home from college and this is where I was told that I could stay." She looked around, trying to look past Frank in the doorway. "Is anyone else home? Or do you always walk around like this?" she smiled.

"Uh," Frank grew a worried look on his face, "who told you you could stay here?"

"Mom, of course," she clucked her tongue.

"Your mother told you that you could stay at my house?" Frank was incredulous. What in the world was going on here?

"Of course," Sandra glared at him. "Do you think I would just move in with a bunch of strangers? What kind of lady do you think I am anyway?"

"Actually," Frank grinned again, "I think you're a rather hot lady, that's what I think."

"How dare you," she said, taking a step towards Frank with an open palm. She stopped in mid slap as she realized that she would have to get close enough to touch his dick to be able to slap him.

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