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Empathic Warriors Survival Stories : Not Your Ordinary Empath

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"We are not victims; we are WARRIORS."

It is so important that we remind ourselves that we are warriors, not victims. Anyone who has dealt with the insanity that is a narcissistic relationship and to come out of it, still sane, still honorable, and still HERE, is a warrior.

In this book, you are given access to 8 amazing, uplifting, and empowering stories of other empaths who fought against the narcissist in their lives and won.

The stories in this book are to remind you, on days that you feel like you can't go on, that it is possible to heal and to recover.

Learning how to pick yourself up, after all the chaos they put you through, is not only an act of healing but of defiance.

Something that irks and irritates the narcissist to no end.

You are a WARRIOR, not a victim. Remember that because that is what scares the narcissist the most in life.
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