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How to create a brand new credit file UK

How To Create A Brand New UK Credit Report (Credit File) digital delivery.

Please note that the owners and publishers of this Report accept no responsibility whatsoever for the actions of readers of this section who may misuse the credit information contained herein for deceptive or illegal purposes. All knowledge and facts presented in this section is for informational purposes only. You should never try to evade your current credit and debt obligations.

Do You Have CCJs, Defaults Or An Adverse Credit Payment History?
If, like many people, you are in the position of having a bad credit history with any of the above bad credit items on your UK credit report (credit file), then you know how difficult or downright impossible it can be to obtain any further credit.
Creditors would say that this is the reason why they are there. Sometimes, though, these bad credit items appear on your credit report (credit file) without your knowledge or through no fault of your own.

In such circumstances you have had no opportunity to defend yourself and you may even be totally innocent. If, for whatever reason, you believe that you are not liable for the debt lodged against you then you will, quite naturally, want to try and remove those derogatory bad credit items from your credit report (credit file).

You may have tried to repair your credit file. You may have had some success, particularly with the removal of your County Court Judgments (CCJs), but you know that unless you offer a repayment schedule to the creditors that you supposedly owe money to, then they aren?t going to remove those defaults from your credit history / credit report (credit file), which is something only they can do. And remember, defaults stay on your credit history / credit report (credit file) for 6 years just like CCJs.

What Are The Possible Solutions To The Bad Credit History On Your Credit Report?
Well, if you refuse to pay your creditors anything and you have had trouble setting aside (removing) your CCJs permanently, you could do one of two things:

(i) Wait the full 6 six years for your defaults and CCJs to disappear from the records of the credit reference agencies, during which time you will probably be refused any further credit.

(ii) Create a new UK credit report (file) and rebuild a new credit history from scratch.

If you are a seasoned credit information gatherer you may have come across reports on the Internet that tell you how to obtain a new clean credit report (file). These reports are aimed solely at the American market, even though they are sold as being applicable to the UK market also. This is untrue.

Your Credit Report & Credit History In The UK
Of course, in the UK, the US method would not be applicable as our credit history is not linked to our National Insurance numbers.

In the UK the scenario is quite different. The way that creditors and other organisations check and verify your identity and address and consequently your credit history is mainly via the ?Electoral Register?. If you have moved recently and aren?t on the electoral register yet but have a credit history at your previous address then you will not necessarily be turned down for credit. Potential creditors will ask to see something like a utility bill or bank statement instead to prove your address. This is essentially a list, by address, of all eligible voters.

However, we have discovered that there are many flaws and loopholes in this UK system of credit checking. Consequently these loopholes can be used by knowledgeable people to create an entirely new credit file and credit history for themselves.

After much research, we have put together a Special Report called:
How To Create A Brand New UK Credit File?

This comprehensive report (6500 words) is for all those who want to find out about the possibilities of building a new credit history by creating a new credit report (credit file) in the UK by exploiting all the loopholes in the UK credit system

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