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Hubspot Delivering Client Success Certification Exam Answers

Hubspot Delivering Client Success Certification Exam Answers

The language of the answers are in English. In Hubspot exams, you can choose the language before the exam and when you pass you can see the certification in your language.

This certification is only for Hubspot customers.


True or false? Most clients won’t have much content to review. Therefore, you should only provide a content audit for clients who you know have a lot of content on their website.



Asking questions to determine a piece of content’s format, age, and accuracy happens during which step of a content audit?

Categorizing content

Providing recommendations to the client

Evaluating the performance of content

Identifying existing company content

Your new client is a travel company that helps businesses set up company team building activities and retreats. While conducting your content audit, you find a printed brochure with pricing details and customer testimonials. How should you evaluate the performance of this content?

A.) Talk to sales reps who have used this brochure to see if it’s helpful in the sales process.

B.) Speak to your client’s customers who have previously interacted with this content to get their feedback.

C.) Include this piece of content in your audit, but you can only evaluate the performance if it’s available online as well.

D.) Share the brochure with the other members of your agency to get an unbiased opinion on the effectiveness of the content.

E.) A and B

F.) C and D

G.) All of the above

True or false? You should set up a meeting with your client to go through your content audit findings and recommendations.

True - it’s always good to report back findings to client as they happen on a daily basis.

True - you should report all your finding and recommendations to your client once you’ve completed the entire content audit.

False - your client‘s time is limited. Just send them the report and move on.

False - it’s best to send the content audit after you’ve created your strategy plan so that you client doesn’t have to review two separate documents.

Why is it so important to show your client quick wins?

Quick wins will help you manage client expectations.

It's not important to show your clients quick wins in the beginning of the engagement.

Quick wins help show immediate value and ROI to your clients.

Quick wins are the only way to build client trust.

True or false? You should only have the CEO, CMO, and main point of contact complete the stakeholder questionnaire.

True - only the key stakeholders like the CEO and CMO will have a say in setting goals. Therefore only they should complete the questionnaire to get a true reflection of the company's goals.

True - while you can ask more members on the team infor

mally about their goals, only the CEO, CMO, and your main point of contact should complete the formal questionnaire.

False - it depends. If this client has over 50 employees, you should only involve the CEO, CMO, and main point of contact.

False - have several managers from different departments complete the questionnaire. This will help you in identifying the differences and similarities in everyone’s views on company goals.

Which of the following questions will help you understand your client’s soft goals?

What is your current cost per lead?

What is your sales target for the next quarter?

What does success look like to you?

What are your marketing goals?

You’re in the process of goal setting with your client and they tell you they haven’t been tracking data. How should you proceed?

It’s not uncommon for clients to have difficulty tracking numbers, so accept this and move along to the next step.

Make a note of this and share it with your client. When you look back on your goals, you’ll be able to help your client recognize there was no data to use as a benchmark when setting initial goals.

Start tracking your client’s performance now and wait three months to get data before setting any goals.

Base the client’s goal on your other client’s performance who are in a similar industry.

Fill in the blanks: An example of a ________ goal is to grow revenue this quarter by 10%. While developing a new service offering in the next year is an example of a ________ goal.

business, sales

sales, business

sales, marketing

business, marketing

The goals you set with your client should be all of the following, EXCEPT:



Based on their competitor's performance

Approved by the client

Which of the following should you review with your client during your goal setting workshop?

A.) Discuss any discrepancies in your questionnaire findings

B.) Explain how inbound marketing will help your client reach these goals

C.) Ask about your client’s soft goals

D.) B and C

E.) All of the above

Fill in the blanks: A strategy plan should ALWAYS be linked to your client’s ___________ .

content audit

corporate identity


previous marketing initiatives

All of the following are reasons why a strategy plan is important, EXCEPT:

It helps you manage your client’s expectations.

It gives you direction to achieve your goals.

It allows you to identify the tactics you’ll use.

It outlines when you’ll have meetings with your clients.

Which of the following documents BEST helps guide your strategy plan for your client?

The content audit checklist.

The SLA that was completed during the sales process.

The invoice that was sent to client.

The meeting agenda template.

True or false? You should wait to give your client the buyer persona questionnaire until you hold an in-person workshop. You don’t want their answers to influenced by others on their team, or by external research.

What are the four main items to highlight in your strategy plan?

Goals, timelines and delivery, social media profiles, and promotional tactics

Goals, identified campaigns, timelines and delivery, and points of contact

Goals, identified campaigns, timelines and delivery, and promotional tactics

Goals, identified campaigns, cost, and promotional tactics

True or false? It’s important for your client to sign-off on the persona document.

True - they need to sign off the document because the client is always right.

True - you shouldn’t proceed without having their feedback and sign-off.

False -it’s not important because it’s an agile document so it will change all the time. Showing them the document now will cause unnecessary confusion.

False - they don’t need to look at the document, since you’ll be doing the marketing work for them. Only show them if they ask.

What should you do with your client’s ideas for work that are outside of the original project scope?

Tell the client you cannot action them

Put them into a list for the future

Ignore them

Implement them immediately to show your value

Your monthly reports should be all the following EXCEPT:

Aligned to the goals you set with the client

Paired with the metrics your client needs to see in the report

Focused only on numbers

Comprehensive and easy to understand

True or false? During your quarterly review meeting, it’s okay if things haven’t gone 100% as planned. However, only highlight things that didn’t go well to your client if it was something out of your agency’s control.

You’re in the process of identifying the content your client current has. Which of the following should you include in this audit?

A.) Email newsletters

B.) Direct mail

C.) Videos

D.) Proposal templates

E.) A and C

F.) A, C, and D

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