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The Sheikh's Marriage Trap

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A sheikh dedicated to pleasure, a woman intent on revenge, a love that cannot be denied…

Sheikh Adam ibn Mohammed Aziz enjoys a life of wheeling and dealing, seducing and flirting. He’s only doing what comes naturally, and loving women happens to come very naturally to him—so long as the women understand that they can never touch his heart. That’s why an arranged marriage will suit him nicely. He only has to make sure of one thing—he’s untainted by scandal. And he’s been too discreet to allow any scandal to attach itself to him. So far, anyway.

Half-English, half-Ahmari, librarian Jasmine Delaney flirts with Adam for one reason only—he caused her beloved sister’s death. Her life will never be the same again and she needs the handsome Adam to understand the pain his careless affairs have caused. At first she’s not sure how she can do this. But all becomes clear when she discovers his Achilles Heel—he must appear to be free from scandal. So she decides she’ll give him a scandal which will destroy his future. Perhaps then he’ll understand, in a small way, the grief his womanizing has caused.

But the best-laid plans of a vengeful woman can go astray, especially when she finds herself in a setting of exquisite beauty, in the company of a consummate seducer who has spent his life perfecting his ability to give and receive pleasure…

The Sheikhs of Havilah

The Sheikh's Secret Baby
Bought by the Sheikh
The Sheikh's Forbidden Lover
Surrender to the Sheikh
Taken for the Sheikh's Harem

Desert Kings

Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh
The Sheikh's Bargain Bride
The Sheikh's Lost Lover
Awakened by the Sheikh
Claimed by the Sheikh
Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh

Secrets of the Sheikhs

The Sheikh’s Revenge by Seduction
The Sheikh’s Secret Love Child
The Sheikh’s Marriage Trap
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The Sheikh's Secret Love Child


The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction


Secrets of the Sheikhs Boxed Set (Books 1-3)