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Free Use Bimbos 4-Pack Vol 2

In this free-use world, all bimbos are the sole property of males. If requested, they must fully submit and allow them to manhandle them in anyway they desire.

Resistance is NOT an option.

Stories Included:

Free Use Bimbos 5: Taking The Judge
Free Use Bimbos 6: Slumber Party With Mom & Sis
Free Use Bimbos 7: Sneaking My Cock In My Sister's Bimbo Pussy While Mom Drove!
Free Use Bimbos 8: Slipping It To My 18-Year-Old Cousin On A Hike


Once I was finished knocking up my lactating sister, I looked up amidst the cheering and saw that the hot, blonde judge looked ready to get back to the court case.

Not so fast.

"You, Judge..." I squinted to read her name. "Sharon. Come down here and clean off my cock. Yeah, that's right. I want you to lick and suck off all our disgusting juices."

I smiled at the shocked expression on the judge's face.

My cock surged, however, when she actually stood up from the bench and walked toward us.

"Faster, faster!" I clapped my hands. "I ain't got all day!"

The sound of Judge Sharon's robes swishing madly as she dashed down to us was oddly satisfying.

"Yes, master! Anything to please you!" She cried out, fell to her knees and shoved my cock right in her mouth.

My heart thrummed wickedly in my chest as I realized how much power over these bimbos I had.

"That's a good girl...slurp up all those nasty, filthy sex juices. Get my cock nice and hard." Once she'd sucked me to full, throbbing hardness, I pointed to my sister. "Good. Now lick all my cum from her dripping cunt. When you're done I don't want to see a drop left."

I ripped the judge's robes off as she crawled on hands and knees to my sister, who was still laying on the table, her legs spread apart.

"Drink it off the table first!" I commanded as I ripped off her gown, exposing her matching flowery bra and panty set. She had a very nice, round ass and I began smacking it, eliciting sharp yelps from her.

Wondering what her naked ass looked like caused my throbbing cock to twitch in excitement. When the judge pressed her lips to my sister's gooey, cum-filled quim, I leaned in close for a better look.

I could see the fear and subservience in the judge's eyes. I'll just bet this lady has never submitted to a man in her life.

My sister moaned when Sharon's quivering tongue gently lapped over her tender flesh. But when she started scooping out my cum and slurping it down, I knew I was in heaven.

Wanting to get to my prize, I ripped off the judge's panties and bra, exposing her ripe, luscious bags of flesh to my greedy eyes. Her reddened ass looked like a gift from the gods and I began smacking her harder and harder. Her tits jiggled and swayed as she tried vainly to eat my cum from my sister's sloppy cunt.

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