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Daddy Turned Me Into A Hucow!

Having stuck my nose where it didn’t belong, daddy forced me down into the secret, underground dungeon. He grabbed my arm, jabbed something into it and showed me why 18-year-old girls should not ask questions.


I was just minding my own business, one fine, Sunday morning, feeding the cows and pigs and goats on our farm. When I got to the cow barn, however, I heard an odd mooing sound - one that didn't sound like any cow I'd ever heard before.

But where was it coming from? It frightened and exhilarated me at the same time. Had daddy brought home a new cow? I knew every single animal that came onto the farm, so for him to hide one from me would be a bit weird.

Even though I could hear the faint mooing sounds, I couldn't discern where they were coming from.

I searched all-around, but could find nothing. Soon, I forgot all about feeding the animals. I was bound and determined to find out where that mooing sound was coming from.

A half an hour later, I had struck gold. Off in the corner of the barn, buried under a couple of hay bales, was an underground passageway.

Where it came from or when it was built, I have no clue. My heart thundered in my chest as I turned the lock and opened it up.

There was clearly something down there. It was pitch dark and I couldn't see a thing. But as I lifted up the trap door, the mooing sounds grew louder.

Had dad actually put a calf down here? That wouldn't make sense. How would he get such a large animal down the steps? And why would he do such a thing? I shook my head.

Grabbing a flashlight, I shined it down into the pitch darkness and what I saw froze my entire body.

There were several naked women wandering around mooing and leaking milk all over the place.

Oh my God! Did daddy have a sex dungeon down here? How could he do such a thing?

With my heart racing in my chest, I called down to the women.

"Are you ladies okay? Do you need help?"

I could not believe my father was involved in something like this. This was beyond the pale.

One of the cow ladies looked up at me and mooed, but the others completely ignored me. This was the oddest thing I had ever encountered in my entire life.

What on earth was going on here?

Not getting any clear answers from the women, I shut the door and stormed into my father's room, my hands on my hips.

"Daddy, we have to talk!" I stared him in the eye. I was not going to stand for him having captive slaves on the property.

"Yes, dear? What is it?" He looked up at me, saw my angry face and smiled. "Oh, I see you found them."

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