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Pure Rape 1: Raping Mom Pregnant

Pure Rape:

Sometimes you just have that need. The need to grab the nearest mother or sister or cop and just rape the fuck out of them. No build up, no cool down, just pure filthy, bestial rape.

Nothing but the best.


I grabbed mom's red hair and pulled back hard.

"Please, son! I don't know why you're so angry! Just let me go and we can talk about it." Mom cried out as tears squirted down her beautiful, freckled face. She was so fucking hot that I just had to have her. I didn't need a reason why, either.

I kissed her throat and bit lightly into her carotid artery, causing her to go completely still. She gulped and I could taste her salty tears as they ran down her face and into my mouth.

"You will submit to me right here and right now. No shenanigans...or else." I let the words hang heavily in the air.

"Okay, Jeff." She squeaked and moved her head imperceptibly.

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