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Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships

If you are in a significant relationship but not yet married, this book will help you assess your relationship's health, strength, and areas of need. You will learn how to build qualities into your relationship that will make it not only exciting but also able to last for the long haul. Wouldn't you like to arrive at the moment when you say, "I take you . . . until we are parted by death," and actually have a plan for how you will pull that off? If you're single and not currently in a significant relationship, this book will save you boatloads of future heartache—and put some past hurts into perspective. It will help you avoid problems and habits that frequently sink relationships as well as show you how to construct and navigate your future relationship to sail with confidence and purpose. You'll learn to do relationships the way God intended. In fact, this book's greatest value may be for people who are not yet in relationships. During a recent conference in the Midwest I taught the material in this book to several hundred college-age students. One student summed up what I heard from many: "Most of the time when people speak on relationships, you feel kind of 'out of it' if you're not dating someone. But this series was different. I'm not in a relationship right now, but these principles have been tremendously helpful for me as a single person who is considering what kind of relationship I want and how I want to go about it." If you're married, this book will provide a reality check on your expectations. It will help direct your energy and focus toward the aspects of your relationship that will build increased joy and deeper intimacy. It will also help you address attitudes and practices in your marriage that may be putting relational roadblocks between you and your mate. As one couple shared with me privately, "It's amazing how much our culture talks about sex but how little my wife and I have ever really discussed its impact on our relationship." They were surprised when they compared their culture-based expectations about sex with God's perspective and prescription for enhancing sexual intimacy. The differences were remarkable!
If you are divorced, you'll find hope in these pages. This book will help you discover what may have gone wrong in your marriage and how to prepare yourself now to build healthy, positive relationships in the future. Unfortunately, people desperate for relationships tend to keep doing the very things that destroy those relationships. They've never heard that there really is a better way. One man from Australia who had been divorced multiple times heard the material in this book over the Internet and wrote me a grateful E-mail in which he said, "Chip, I finally get it. Hearing you speak on love, sex, and lasting relationships opened my eyes and gave me new hope. I identified with the people in your stories. Now I see how I set up my previous relationships for absolute failure. Thank you for putting me straight. I was about to make the same mistakes again!"

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