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Raped By The Stray Dogs

Four large, vicious stray dogs suddenly attacked me. Jumping out from behind bushes, they snarled and snapped, scaring my horse away and knocking me to the ground.

Right into their bestial clutches.

Something was wrong with these dogs. They were more than menacing. They were more than vicious. They were…a rape gang.

Can I survive their terrible onslaught? Or will I succumb to their demands?


Maya laughed as she rode her Arabian mare down the sun dappled forest path. April slid to a halt, nickering nervously, looking to the side.

"What is it, girl?" Maya heard the savage bark of a feral dog, followed by another.

From the thickets bounded four large dogs. They were large curs a Doberman, German Shepherd, Great Dane along with another big dog breed she couldn't name.

April whinnied in fright. She suddenly spun around and Maya lost her balance and fell to the ground. The horse bolted down the forest path, chased by the pack, snapping at her heels like the hounds of hell.

Maya lay there, panting for breath, wondering if they'd hurt her precious mare. Her lungs burned for air as she gasped like a fish out of water.

She staggered to her feet and walked toward home. Maya was worried for her horse.

When she rounded a boulder in the bend in the path, she halted. Her heart raced in her chest.

The stray dog pack stood frozen as they looked at her, surprise filling their eyes. It was replaced by a hunger which made her shiver.

The large black German Shepherd mix approached her as his pack fanned out. He ran his tongue ran over his sharp fangs.

Maya knew it was wrong to run, but she did anyway. Whirling around, she ran up the path the way she'd come.

The four dogs gave a hunting cry and the chase was on. With a couple of bounds they knocked her to the dirt.

She screamed and was sure they were going to eat her like a pack of sharks. Maya didn't want to be their dinner.

Marcus, the black German Shepherd mix, tore off her shirt. Jayson the black and white Great Dane mix, snapped off her bra as her large breasts bounced out.

He stopped at the sight of her bouncy breasts. Licking his chops, he dove into their softness.

Boots, a white mutt with black paws, tugged on her jeans as Slasher a large tan dog joined in, helping his buddy. She hit them with her fists and kicked out, but they danced out of her blows.

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