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Raping My Daughter as Her Mother Beat Me With a Shoe!

As I raped my 18-year-old, virgin daughter, forcefully taking her innocence from her, her mother burst into the room, threatening and beating me with a shoe.

Shit became real when she took off her other shoe.


"No!" Jenna shouted as she bolted for the door. "I'm 18 now and am moving in with my boyfriend. I will NOT be subjected to your stupid, fucking rules anymore."

My haughty, 18-year-old daughter grabbed her bags and had her hand on the door-knob as I came up behind her, grabbed her hair and pulled her away.

"You're not going anywhere, bitch!" I slapped her across the face and took great pleasure as tears streamed down her cheeks.

My newly-minted adult daughter was one hell of a hottie. Nearly 6 feet tall, long lustrous blonde hair, sea-green eyes and the prettiest face you've ever seen. But it was her chest that stood out. Even as tall as she was, she had a petite frame, but her breasts belied her body. They jutted out like proud sentinels, exclaiming to the world that they were here.

How I'd longed to see and feel and caress those globes of delight.

"Don't you dare!" Jenna picked up the phone and dialed her mother. "Mom, dad's doing it again! Get over here now!" She practically screamed into the phone.

I stared balefully at my insolent daughter. Yes, I was doing it again. What was "it?"

Not letting her get away with her shit. She'd been sneaking out every night to "visit" her boyfriend. The one she was now supposedly going to move in with. Problem was, I had taken the liberty of checking this guy out. First, he didn't have a home for her to move in to, secondly, he was a fucking drug dealer.

My Jenna was not going to get herself knocked up by some drug-addled loser.

"Room." I said simply, pointing to her bedroom.

She stuck out her tongue. "Mom's on her way and you can't make me."

Anger and rage boiled inside me. Her mother was just as much of a filthy whore as she was. No, this was the last time my daughter disobeyed me.

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