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Free Use World #3: Fucking Every Ass

While participating in an orgy in his backyard, Dr. Max Granger has a conversation with another scientist about how to distribute the free use ray around the world so that it could be of benefit to everyone on the planet. He envisions stands where women are lined up, inspected, and used by anyone who passes by.

This is the third part in an ongoing series about a world where women are free to be used by any man at any time.


My cock was still half hard as I walked over to the patio where the three neighbors stood.

“Jake,” I said as I extended my hand to him. “Nice to see you.” Jake looked a bit flustered since my wife’s lips were wrapped around his cock, but he shook my hand anyway with a sheepish grin.

“This is quite a setup you’ve got here, Max.” He looked like he was straining to speak to me, and I understood why when I saw him reach down and grip both sides of my wife’s head and thrust deeply down her throat. Carol, my wife, was also being fucked on the other end by my neighbor Stan, and her body lurched back and forth as he continued to slam his cock into her pussy.

When Jake pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his stream of jizz across her face, my wife moaned and whimpered. She ran her tongue around her lips, licking up the cum that was now dripping down her face, until Frank walked up with his hard cock bobbing in her face. “Is it okay if I …” Frank said, gesturing to my wife’s mouth.

“Go right ahead! She’s free for anyone to use now.” I watched as Frank pushed his thick head past my wife’s cum-covered lips and into her mouth. I continued to watch as Frank slid his cock further and further down my wife’s throat while Stan slammed into her from behind. Eventually, Frank’s entire cock disappeared inside my wife’s mouth and he pressed his pelvis into her face while he made shallow thrusts with his hips.

Carol really looked like she was enjoying having a cock shoved all the way down her throat. She didn’t have that bored face she always had on while she star-fished in missionary position for me the one time a month we would have sex. I had a feeling this device was going to be beneficial for everyone on the planet.

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