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Deadly Magic Dance

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A new victim killed with magic. A missing politician. An old case that won't stay solved.

For a fairy and a sprite, using magic to solve crimes is the right thing to do. But now, magic isn't working. Something is blocking the spells that would reveal the crimes. Humans can't do magic, so crime is now part of the magical community.

Finding the person behind Heath's murder is proving impossible. Two more cases land in Bramble and Fernlight's laps. Bramble, not quite used to working with brownies, now has to put up with a sidhe investigator pretending he’s better than everyone.

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, every spell they want to use needs approval.
Deadly Magic Dance is the third book in the thrilling HOP-D magic mystery series. If you like magical crimes that defy conventional solutions, you'll love this conclusion to the HOP-D cases trilogy.

Buy Deadly Magic Dance today to join the investigation into the dancing corpse.
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