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Sister Cousins Sleepover Fuck Party

Charles was stuck in his room while his hot 18-year-old sister, Becky, and his equally smokin’ hot cousins, Mary & Jane, were over for a sexy slumber party.

What were they up to? He could just imagine the shenanigans the three 18-year-old girls were getting up to.

Tired of imagining, he busted in on their little sleepover party.


Yeah, sis is having a sleepover party with two of our cousins. Charles's fingers flew over the keys, telling his buds.

Are they hot babes? His friend replied.

Yeah, I guess. You know how gals are. They want to be alone. He sighed, wanting some action.

Alone? Dude they want you to crash their little party and fuck their brains out.

Charles's cock twitched and his hands grew clammy. What do I have to lose?

You sure?


Charles knew his little 18-year-old hottie sister was always pushing the boundaries with her devil may care attitude. She'd always teased him, rubbing herself against him and wearing those slutty outfits.

His friends all lusted after his gorgeous sister. She was toned and slender with large, pert breasts, long legs and a slender neck.

Her blonde hair fell down her shoulders like a golden waterfall. She had azure eyes, puffy pink lips in a finely chiseled face. She could have been a movie star or model but all she seemed to want was to live at home.

Heat built in his body as his cock stirred. Her cousins were almost as good looking. He'd fuck them all.

Straightening his pants, he decided to see what they were up to. Walking into the living room, he saw they were talking and giggling, naked as the day they were born.

Holy shit! Did they forget he was home?

"Did you like that?" Becky, his sister, inquired with a smile painted on her lips, pulling away from their cousin.

"Are you sure that's how to kiss a guy?" Mary giggled.

"Let me give it a shot." Jane said. "Lets have a three-way kiss."

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